Besides working as a live musician and a music teacher I enjoy spending time in my recording studio in Leipzig-Plagwitz. The studio is frequently booked for recording sessions with me acting as engineer and/or session musician.

The studio boasts two acoustically separated rooms joined by a large window as well as a third room with a greater reverberation time.
Sleeping space available.


Lluvias Miguel Iven, "Flamenco Entre Amigos",
Galileo Music
Brubeck in Harare Matamá, "Historias",
Accoustic Music
Triana Miguel Iven, "Flamenco Entre Amigos",
Galileo Music
Cajon Cojo Nudo, aus: Miguel Iven, "¡Que Vaiven!"
Just Look At Me Albi´s Corner "Off The Hook"
Moving Like Prey Albi´s Corner "Off The Hook"
Bolonia Friederike von Krosigk "Herz im Wind"


I would be pleased to work on your recordings with you! Please contact me using the contact form on my website.

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